5 Things I Love About My City: Perth

Because this month is all about Australia as a theme I asked a couple of lovely bloggers to share 5 things they love about their city, and today Amanda Kendle from Not a Ballerina is sharing 5 things she loves about Perth (plus a peek of her favourite spot in her home)! Please make her feel welcome. x

1. The beaches

5 Things I Love About My City: Perth a Guest Post by Amanda Kendle on Style for a Happy Home

I travel a lot, but I am a complete beach snob and rarely find a beach that competes with my favourite Perth beaches. I spend a lot of time at our local beaches in winter, going for long walks or digging in the sand with my son – less time in summer because it’s simply too hot. But they are beautiful all year round.

2. The green spaces

5 Things I Love About My City: Perth a Guest Post by Amanda Kendle on Style for a Happy Home

Perth is a really green city – Kings Park in the centre of the city is even bigger than New York’s Central Park! It’s so easy to find parks and bush areas wherever you are.

3. Perth Zoo

5 Things I Love About My City: Perth a Guest Post by Amanda Kendle on Style for a Happy Home

Our zoo is a beautiful shady spot near the centre of the city and we’ve spent lots of time there in the last few years – it’s such a relaxing and happy place full of really passionate staff and volunteers (and animals!).

4. Caversham Wildlife Park

5 Things I Love About My City: Perth a Guest Post by Amanda Kendle on Style for a Happy Home

This is a very touristy pick, I know, but when I was teaching English as a Second Language we took groups of students here all the time and I have so many happy memories of these trips. It’s a great spot where you can get properly up-close to Aussie fauna but in a respectful way. I take all foreign visitors here!

5. Rottnest Island

5 Things I Love About My City: Perth a Guest Post by Amanda Kendle on Style for a Happy Home

Not strictly Perth in a sense, but “Rotto” is less than an hour’s ferry ride from me and it’s an amazing place for a day trip or a short holiday. No cars are allowed there and most of the accommodation is super-casual, and it’s such a relaxed place.

Because this blog is all about happy homes, I also asked Amanda to share a photo of her favourite spot in her home for us to take a peek at! Yay!

My favourite spot in my happy home…

5 Things I Love About My City: Perth (a favourite spot in her happy home) a Guest Post by Amanda Kendle on Style for a Happy Home

There are lots of wonderful spots in my happy home, because a hilarious four-year-old tends to create lots of happiness. But this is my favourite spot as it has a bit of all of us: a picture my husband painted back in his painting days; our cat-scratched sofa where I escape with a book or magazine from time to time, with my favourite cushions, a gift from my mother-in-law; and the usual signs that my son has been around. It’s next to a huge window and has lots of lovely light flowing in.

Thanks so much for sharing Amanda! x

Amanda Kendle is a travel addict, blogger, social media consultant and parent to one travel-loving four-year-old son. She has blogged about the benefits of travel at NotABallerina.com for almost a decade and has recently taken her interest in reverse culture shock a step further by starting the site FixReverseCultureShock.com to help people fit back into their home countries after spending time abroad.

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Cool Products for an Australian Beach Home Feel

Hello! Happy Saturday! For this week’s Australia themed round up I thought I’d look for some super fun products that I’d have in an Australian Beach Home. This one might be a little controversial, as everyone here has their own opinions on what a beach home should look like, but I decided to round up the ones that felt the most beachy to me. I’d love to add any of these to a white-walled little cottage down by the sea. Maybe you’ll see something you’d love to have too?!

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Cool Products for an Australian Beach Home Feel on Style for a Happy Home

  1. Nest Basket This would be the perfect basket for both taking to the beach and for hanging the washing out in the summer sun or even for keeping your magazines neat in your living area! Buy It HerePin It Here
  2. Throw Rug Throw rugs are perfect for the cool summer nights when you want to keep the sea breeze coming in. This one is in gorgeous colours. Buy It HerePin It Here
  3. Bath Towel This bath towel has such an Aussie feel to it and is by the awesome Kip & Co. I would even use it at the beach or for a trip to the pool! Buy It HerePin It Here
  4. Large Summery Artwork One thing I love when I’m peeking at Aussie beach homes in magazines is the summery artwork they have on their walls. This isn’t an Australian print, but would be perfect as a feature in a beach home. Buy It HerePin It Here
  5. Nautical Cushions I know it’s typical beachy, but a nautical themed cushion can look great in a beach home. This one is navy on the other side, but I’d probably have this side on show. Buy It HerePin It Here
  6. Colourful Kitchen Canisters Nothing says beach home to me more than a colourful kitchen. There’s something about a beach home that seems to allow the colour to really be on display and enjoyed (and I love it!). These are on my wishlist! Buy It HerePin It Here

Do you love that Aussie Beach House style? What would you have in yours?

You can follow my A Cottage by the Sea Pinterest Board for more inspiration! And you can also follow me here, if you’d like!

Mini Makeover: Australian Treats Gift Box

Around this time last year one of my closest friends (who just happened to guest post for me last Tuesday) moved back from 5 years living overseas. She lives in a different state to me and I wanted to surprise her with a ‘welcome home’ gift box upon her return. I decided that I would buy her some Aussie treats that she missed whilst overseas with a note about how she could now have these any time she liked.

Moving home can be equally as daunting as moving overseas and I really wanted her to feel like people were excited that she was home, and who doesn’t love a surprise gift box?! Today I’m going to share what I put in it and why it’s also a great gift for international visitors!

Mini Makeover: Australian Treats Gift Box on Style for a Happy Home

What you’ll need:

  • Cheezels These are classic Aussie party food and I couldn’t resist adding them to the box
  • Tim Tams I picked two small packets rather than the big one so that she could share if she wanted to, or keep them for herself
  • The Natural Confectionery Company Party Mix The Jungle Jellies were always my favourite, but they don’t sell them any more so the party mix is a good second option. There’s something for everyone in them (and Aussie Made!)
  • Mint Slice These are much like a Peppermint Pattie with a crumbed base and totally delicious!
  • A Box to put them in

This really is as simple as choosing some Aussie treats that you love and finding a box that will fit them all in. I used a packing box with some ribbon around the outside that fit in an express post satchel and also added a card with a note on it. I’m a big believer that you don’t have to necessarily go totally overboard when making something like this, just a few things here and there that will make someone feel special.

If you were going to make up a box like this for a first time visitor to Australia I would also consider adding some other Aussie only things to the box. You could include a travel tube of Vegemite (with the instructions that Less is MORE!) and maybe an Australian magazine or two like Inside Out or Real Living or perhaps Frankie, depending on their tastes. We have some really awesome magazines that are produced in Aus, and I just love sharing them with the world.

If you wanted to get really creative you could make them a mix CD or maybe get them an Aussie CD that they might like. If they’re arriving in the summertime even some sunscreen would probably be appreciated. You can get most of the things from your supermarket (if not all) and could be added to your weekly shop if needed.

Mini Makeover: Australian Treats Gift Box on Style for a Happy Home

Most of these could also be sent overseas to Aussie expats who are missing home. Just check the food restrictions for those countries and the weight of your box as overseas shipping can get out of control really quickly! I remember living overseas and having Cottees Cordial, Freddo Frogs, Milo and Vegemite shipped in because I missed them so much. It’s funny what you don’t realise that you will miss!

Have you ever done anything like this treats gift box? What would be your number one thing to add?

If you do try this, I’d love to see a photo or hear about how it went! Tweet me your pics at: @danniellecresp or instagram me at: @dannielle with the hashtag: #styleforahappyhome