Rewind: Finding Your Decorating Style

I’m taking a little break this week, so I wanted to share a couple of favourite posts you might have missed. This is from September last year.

Styling your home can be a daunting task. Even calling it “styling” can cause raised eyebrows and sometimes even a tiny shudder in some of us. It can feel like an overwhelming task if we think of it as making our homes look like the spread of a magazine. Totally not realistic for most of us – and not what we want. You probably already have a lot of things in your home that you love and wouldn’t part with for the world, and they are exactly where you start.

Finding Your Decorating Style on Style for a Happy Home

If you’re asking yourself the question “How do I know what looks good?”, the answer is easier to find than you think. Hint: it’s hidden in your local library or your newsagent or it might even be hiding on Pinterest. How do you know what looks good? You see it and say: “I’d love that in my home”, “that’s the look and feel that I want to achieve”.

If you have a library book (try the 747.78 section to start with) pick out the titles that catch your eye, take it home and add a post-it note to each page where the room or furniture catches your eye. If you’re in the newsagent, flick through the home and style magazine section, treat yourself to a couple of magazines that have images that catch your eye. Bring them home and tear out the pages that you feel are the ones that most speak to you. Create a file or a binder to keep these in. There is no right or wrong. It’s about what catches your eye. Me, I love mid-century modern pieces that are a medium finish, colourful furnishings and beech timbers. I’ve grown to love white over the years but I also love a great colourful poster in a white frame.

Pinterest is another great resource for this. You can pin images to boards for your home or for individual rooms (like I have). It’s a treasure trove of both product images and magazine style home shots. It’s a great way for you to curate the things that you love the look of. Whether they’re in your budget or not. Once you start to get the hang of what your style is, then you can look at what your budget might be and when you might purchase the items. It doesn’t all have to be about the big things either. Lamps, cushions, trinkets for your desk are all part of your style. They don’t have to perfectly match a magazine image – this is real life after all.

When you’re attempting this, take it easy on yourself. This is not a test. It really is as simple as: what catches your eye. Do you prefer chairs that are super comfy (like me) or are you more into the very cool looking plastic Eames ones? Do you like a light timber, a dark one or painted so you can’t see the timber at all? There is no wrong answer, remember! Think about how you use your furniture and the pieces you already own (and love). What do you love about them? Do you want to keep with that style or make it a feature piece?

Finding your decorating style is not only about what you decide to put in your home, it’s how it will get used and whether it is practical for where you’re at right now. Maybe you have a toddler or a teenager or you just like your floorspace. Maybe that glass coffee table does look awesome in that carefully photographed photo but it just wouldn’t work in your home. And that’s ok too! You’re allowed to love things you don’t necessarily want to own right now. I know I’d love a quarter acre property overlooking the ocean, but that doesn’t mean I’ll pop out and buy one tomorrow (it’s nice to dream though).

Remember that your home is about how you live in it. Above all else, it’s about being able to walk in your front door and feel that relief that in that moment, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be and there’s a spot on your couch with your name on it, just asking you to sit, relax and enjoy.

Do you have a decorating style? How did you come to find yours? I’d love to hear!

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Winter Warmers Play Ideas for Kids

Hello! Happy Saturday! For this week’s Pinterest Saturdays round up I thought I’d share some fun wintery play ideas that could be fun to try with the kiddos in your life! With all the rain and cold we get cabin fever can set in. These could be done with your own little ones or as a treat for a younger niece, nephew or cousin. There’s nothing like a little bit of creative play to help kick those blues to the curb!

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Winter Warmers Play Ideas for Kids on Style for a Happy Home

  1. Indoor Toy Race Track Whilst this is suggested for Toddlers, I think you could make it fun for most kids under 10. The older they are, the more you could involve them in the making of the race track too! Original Post HerePin It Here
  2. Ariel View Snowmen Even though snow is rare here it can be fun to talk and play with snowmen in the winter time. I love this activity as you get to create your snowman from above Original Post HerePin It Here
  3. Make Your Own Molding Snow If you don’t mind the mess this is a fun sensory activity for kids where they could make their own mini snowmen. I recommend a tub to play in and a good art smock Original Post HerePin It Here
  4. Weather Lacing Cards These are a great free printable for the kiddos on a rainy day. Original Post HerePin It Here
  5. Puffy Paint Polar Bear This is a great paper plate craft for the little ones to try. You could switch out the Oreo for some paper if you wanted it to last longer Original Post HerePin It Here
  6.  Snow Play Dough This homemade play dough with glitter in it looked like a fun treat to try with your little playdough lovers. Looks nicer than the other stuff. Original Post HerePin It Here

Do you have a favourite activity for kids on the rainy, cabin fever like days? Which of these would you choose?

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Winter Warmers Essentials

I’m taking a little break from mini makeovers this week, so I thought I’d make a follow up to this Summer Fun Essentials post from back in January and share my winter warmers essentials with you. You might need to adapt these to your wintery weather depending on how cold it gets, but these are just some of the things I like to have to keep winter ticking along as I dream of warmer weather ;).

Winter Warmers Essentials on Style for a Happy Home

The Essentials:

  1. Boots or fun winter shoes technically Chuck Taylors are not really the best winter shoes but my shoe cupboard is lacking and I’ll wear them as long as I don’t have to walk anywhere slippery!
  2. Something to keep your ears warm A wooly hat or a cute headband like these ones over the ears have been great for me so far this winter! (The headbands are particularly great for running)
  3. Scarves I just love scarves. I have so many now and they are in different weights for different occasions. Sometimes I like a pure wool one, or a chunky knit and other times I like the lighter weight ones that are easy to wrap around your neck and keep under your coat
  4. An Umbrella and Gloves It’s almost always raining in winter here, so having an emergency umbrella when you don’t have a hood is a must! Gloves for the chilly mornings and watching outdoor sports are a must too! I love these ones with the silvered bits so you can still use your smart phone!
  5. A Phone and/or Camera for taking photos It might seem silly to want to go on a photo walk in the cold, but it’s a great way to help keep the winter blues at bay and get some shots that you wouldn’t capture any other time of the year.
  6. A Drink to warm you up and a great Mug I love my hot chocolate and milo in the winter but yours might be a good coffee. They taste better after a walk in the chilly air too!
  7. Warm Outer Layers Coats, Jumpers (Sweaters), hoodies and lots of layers are all a must for winters round here. They say you can’t leave home without a coat in Melbourne until at least the end of September, so we will be hanging on to them a while yet!
  8. A Dream of Somewhere Warmer & a Notebook to Plan it This one is a little cheeky, but there are many freezing days where all I can do is search hotels and destinations that are warm and start planning my future trips there. I hear Hawaii is nice year round…

When I think of Winter here I think of chilly mornings with fog and all of the rain. There’s no snow to contend with, which seems sad, but in reality is quite nice to not have to drive in, but it still has the ability to chill you to your bones. Because it’s feels so tough when you’re in the middle of it, I always like the little reminders of how it can be enjoyed (or at least tolerated) so that we don’t lose 3 precious months hibernating. Finding ways to make the most of it can be challenging, but I do like a good challenge.

If you really don’t like getting out there on a cold wintery night, it can be a great time to catch up on TV series that you might have missed or even curl up with some great books that are new to you. If you’re feeling crafty, you could learn to knit or crochet or even sew yourself a blanket or throw rug. Less formal winter gatherings can be a fun way to get together with good friends in a warm place, have some good food and just enjoy the night.

I really struggle with winter so this year I’m trying to make an effort to find the good parts about it. Soon the sun will warm up and the cold days where running without water will be over and I’ll be dreaming of the crisp air and rainbows that winter in Melbourne often brings. I do love running when it’s colder. The years go by so quickly these days and I think it’s worth at least giving this “winter is ok” thing a try. Maybe ;)

What’s your favourite thing about winter? What would you add to this list?