Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Fun for Everyone Indoor Games

Hello! Happy Saturday!! The last weekend in August is here, and whilst Spring is nearly upon us in this part of the world, sometimes Spring brings the rain and we need some indoor fun to help keep the cabin fever at bay! This week’s Fun for Everyone Pinterest round up is all about indoor games that you could play as a family. These will go well when it’s too wet or chilly out for the outdoor games that I shared a couple of weeks back. I hope these are some fun new ideas for you and your family to try!

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Fun for Everyone Indoor Games on Style for a Happy Home

  1. Indoor Snowball Fight DIY Kit This looks like so much fun and is so easy to make! Original Post HerePin It Here
  2. Disney Pictionary This is a great one for the family to play together, especially for Disney lovers! Original Post HerePin It Here
  3. Tic Tac Toe Another great one for a rainy day and this one lets you get a little crafty too! Original Post HerePin It Here
  4. Masking Tape Family Games This post has some great family games that can be played with some masking tape on your floor Original Post HerePin It Here
  5. Might I Bite? Game This is a fun game to either play with little ones or even with other adults. A fun twist on a classic game. Original Post HerePin It Here
  6. Tin Can Indoor Golf A cool way to play mini golf at home with things that you already have on hand. Original Post HerePin It Here

What’s your favourite game for a rainy day?

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Mini Makeover: Spring Photography Challenge

It’s nearly Springtime here and we’re all suffering from a bit of cabin fever from the cold weather. Once Spring has finally sprung (hopefully next week) and the green grass is back, it’s time to head outside again and start enjoying the warmer days and the gorgeous flowers that start to appear everywhere. It can seem a bit silly to just head out of the house for no real reason, so I thought I’d challenge you to capturing some moments that say “Spring” to you in your part of the world. (If you’re heading into Autumn, you could try this challenge for your season too!)

Mini Makeover: Spring Photography Challenge on Style for a Happy Home

What you’ll need:

  • A Camera or a Camera Phone for taking the photos
  • Some Spring Appropriate Clothing (it can really vary, so whatever works depending on the day)
  • Some Walking Shoes to keep you comfortable
  • Somewhere to Explore (gardens and parks are good places to start, but even your neighbourhood might have something that says Spring to you)
  • An Hour of Your Time or more if you wish
  • Some Tunes or Some Great Company to keep your spirits high
  • A Lighthearted Attitude to the challenge though trying this challenge may prove to improve a bad day

How to:

Pull on your favourite Spring clothes and comfy walking shoes, grab your camera or camera phone and your tunes and head on out to where you’re going to start the challenge. This challenge isn’t about being the quickest or even about being the best, it’s just about you slowing down to enjoy the environment outside and just being in the moment.

Walk around to get used to your surroundings. Take out your camera and look for the things around you that scream “Spring” to you. What colours are they? What memories do they bring back from years past?

Try to take some photos, not only of what you know and love, but stop and look around to see if there’s anything you don’t recognise. Is there a flower you’ve not noticed before, or a tree that you don’t know the name of? Are there children playing or something different that catches your attention? How many different colours are around you?

Remember to keep moving, even at a leisurely pace so you’re seeing and experiencing different things. Is there something quintessentially [insert your town name here] about what you are seeing? If you wanted to introduce someone to your town in just one or two photographs, is there something around you that you would include?

Make sure that the tunes (or your great company) are still making you feel lighthearted and happy, and continue on. If you’re curious, why not take some photos of things you don’t know much about so you can research them later? You don’t have to, of course, but you might find something interesting about why they are where they are. You never know!

Once you feel you’re ready, you can head back home, but before you do remember to take a couple of big breaths in the Spring air and fill your lungs with the fresh air that’s not so bitingly cold as the Winter.

This challenge could be a great one for you to do with your family. Everyone either gets their own camera or their own turn with it, and you can come back and see what everyone took photos of and why it represents “Spring” to them. This is great for days when you all need some time out of the house and could be something new to try together.

What I love about these kinds of challenges is that no two people come up with the same things. It gives us a little chance to express our creativity without it being overwhelming and we don’t have to share it with anyone we don’t want to. It can be quite fun to just head out the door to see what you haven’t really noticed about your neighbourhood before. We miss so much when we’re in a rush, this is the perfect antidote to that.

Will you give this a go? Where’s your favourite place to explore where you live?

If you do try this, I’d love to see a photo or hear about how it went! Tweet me your pics at: @danniellecresp or instagram me at: @dannielle with the hashtag: #styleforahappyhome

Make 2014 an Organised Christmas (free printables)

Christmas might seem like it’s still ages away, but with the pace that this year seems to be moving, I fear that it will be here before we know it. Once again I’m going to jump in quite early and try to get everything sorted before the end of September – if not everything purchased, at least have gift ideas that I can implement as the weeks roll on. That’s just 5 weeks from today! Yikes!

Make 2014 an Organised Christmas (free printables) on Style for a Happy Home

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how frustrating it was for me the year that I left my online ordering until the last week of November and some of the Christmas gifts didn’t arrive until mid January and I had to rush out during the week before Christmas to find something to replace them. I think I may have even got creative and made some gifts from things I found at the supermarket. That was 2009, and since then I’ve tried my best to not let it get away from me. Leaving it to the last minute is so stressful.

These days when I buy a new diary for the start of the year I like to put a note on September 1st to start my Christmas shopping. I don’t always jump straight on it, but it is so much easier when you have time to think up some wonderful gifts and actually have time to buy them or make them. This year all my nieces and nephews will be 10+ so I really need that extra time to think of something for the tweens and the teen (who is really an adult at 19, but shh!).

I was thinking that some of you might like to get ready early this year (if you haven’t already started), so that Christmas doesn’t feel like a super mad rush and you can feel thankful that you don’t have to battle the crowds so close to the day. To help both you and I out, I have updated last year’s Christmas Printables and this year I’ve even made them a free download! Yay!

An Organised Christmas Printable 2014 from Style for a Happy Home Free Printable!

There are 6 printables in this set along with the instructions on how to use them. I’ve put them in the order I would use them, but you can print whichever ones are best for you.

An Organised Christmas 2014:

  1. Christmas Presents List
  2. Christmas Online Shopping List
  3. Gift Wrapping Shopping List
  4. Christmas Present Making List
  5. Advent Calendar Planner
  6. Christmas Menu Shopping List

We all celebrate the silly season differently, but these should help you to get a head start on what needs to be done so that it may be as stress free as possible. I can’t promise that families will behave the way that could, but this at least takes care of the gift giving and menu part. haha

Get the An Organised Christmas 2014 download here.

Happy early Christmas planning! Will you come back in 5 weeks and let me know how you’re going with it? I’d love to hear!

Note: Please don’t pass this printable on as your own or sell it on. Feel free to send people here to download their own copies. Thanks so much. Also, the information is as accurate as possible. This may assist some people more than others. :) D x