How to Buy Travel Souvenirs You’ll Love for Years to Come

When we’re travelling we can get caught up in buying all the little trinkets and souvenirs that we spot in the tourist hot-spots like markets and gift shops. But sometimes we get home with a whole bunch of stuffed toys and porcelain things that need dusting (and don’t go with anything we own) and we wonder what on earth we were thinking!! Only me?! Over the years I’ve learnt to hone my skills and buy things that will not only remind me of a place and time, but are also useful and loved. Here are my tips on how you can too.

How to Buy Travel Souvenirs You'll Love for Years to Come on Style for a Happy Home

For me, the best travel souvenirs are the ones that have a practical use too. They don’t just sit on the shelf (or worse in a plastic tub at the bottom of a closet) being forgotten about. Sometimes a trinket or two is nice, but other times they just end up taking up space and making us feel guilty that we can’t let go because of where we got them. I’m not judging here, I totally kept a spongebob squarepants toy that I own at Knotts Berry Farm for way longer than I needed to.

When I think about what to buy on my trip I like give myself an idea before I’ve left home. I think about what I don’t have that might add to my home if I found the perfect one. I like to have a range of things that might work, just in case they don’t have anything like what I was thinking of and I like to keep my options open. I love homewares, so I might buy a bowl made from a local producer or some really fun salt and pepper shakers that are in the shape of the guards at Buckingham Palace. If I really want something for my walls I like to look at both the tea towel designs (as they can be framed) and also the posters.

You can think clothing too, and not just the tacky “Lifeguard San Diego” style ones (Yes, I owned that too). You could get a leather jacket from your trip to Italy (like a friend of mine did) because you will wear that at home too. You could also look in the clothing stores and buy something that really suits you that you can’t get at home. When it comes to buying clothes though, you need to remember your usual style. Sometimes when holidaying in some destinations you can be very tempted to buy all the sarongs, even though they just don’t suit your climate back home.

If you’re struggling with ideas of where to start, think about what part of your home you love and would want something that reminds you of your trip. Mugs are a favourite in our home because you never know when one is going to break and they can be a bit touristy without sticking out like a sore thumb. My last 3 handbags were bought overseas (Dubai, Las Vegas and Kansas City) and I love the reminder that they give me when I use them. I think the key is to know what you like before you head off and try to keep that in mind for the trip.

As one last tip also have a think about what you can get easily in the destination you’re heading to that might not be so easy to find at home. I bought my snow boots and my winter puffer coat in the USA and they not only had more options but it was much better cost-wise too. Australia doesn’t do winter clothes very well and they are almost always on the very expensive side. Don’t buy them just for the sake of it, but if you will need them, it can be great on the wallet to get them somewhere they offer a range.

Most important to all of these tips is that you buy what you love. If you love it, it will make your home feel like a happier place to be and you will feel happier in it. And that’s what most of us are aiming for.

Do you buy practical travel souvenirs? Or are you more of the impulse purchase kind? (There’s no wrong answer, I promise!)

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Great Weekender Bags for Adventures

Hello! Happy Saturday! For this week’s Pinterest Saturdays I’m sharing some sweet weekender bags to help you get away in style choosing my favourites from Pinterest. I love a good weekender bag as it stops me from over-packing and is often much cuter than bigger luggage, which tends to be a bit on the boring side. Here are my picks!

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Great Weekender Bags for Adventures on Style for a Happy Home

  1. Key Largo Weekender This is great for those who love a bit of bling!! Get the Bag HerePin It Here
  2. Country Road Duffel This is a classic bag for Aussies and this circle pattern makes a nice change from the solid colours! Get the Bag HerePin It Here
  3. Palm and Collected Weekend Bag The cute palm trees make this weekender extra fun! Get the Bag HerePin It Here
  4. Mountain Goat Weekend Bag This one would be great for trips to the beach or on a picnic as well as any weekend away! Get the Bag HerePin It Here
  5. Sailcloth Duffel Bag This is not only a cute bag but they will embroider text on it for just a little extra! How Cool! Get the Bag HerePin It Here
  6. Linear Stem Weekend Bag This is gorgeous and on the wish list for any Orla Kiely collector! Get the Bag HerePin It Here

Do you have a favourite weekender brand? What size luggage do you like to travel with?

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Mini Makeover: Make Your Own Road Trip Tin for the Kids

The Easter long weekend is this weekend and traditionally it’s a weekend for road tripping for families. Whether it’s to see family and friends or to go camping as a tight-knit group, there are thousands of Aussies packing up their cars, stocking up on snacks and getting ready to head to their next destination. Because of this I thought it would be fun to give you just one idea of what you can do with last week’s travel tin: make a road trip tin for the kids! To help keep the “are we there yet?”s to a minimum!

Mini Makeover: Make Your Own Road Trip Tin for the Kids on Style for a Happy Home

What you’ll need:

  • A Travel Tin (see how to make your own here) to put the goodies in
  • A Book for them to read (if they don’t get car sick, of course)
  • An ipod (or electronic device) with headphones so they can listen to what they like without everyone else hearing the same song on repeat
  • A Treat because road trips aren’t every day
  • A Camera so they can show how they see the world (this one is shockproof and waterproof)
  • A Sketchbook for drawing and writing stories
  • Coloured Markers to go with the sketchbook because colours are awesome

Once you’ve chosen a tin or made your own, you can start filling it with goodies that you kiddos might like for the road trip. You could either involve them in making up the tin or you could surprise them with it once they’re in the car. Everyone travels differently and likes different things so these are just some suggestions as to what you could put in the tin as a jumping off point.

Packing a book, particularly a new book can be a way to keep your reader entertained for hours. It will give them a chance to just catch up on a story and zone out for a while. An ipod or electronic device with headphones can help keep your car feeling happier, when everyone can listen to their own music or watch their own show without the rest of the car having to hear that same pop tune for the 150th time!

You might like to pack them a treat for the road. I chose mini Easter eggs because of the season, but we always travelled with our own packets of Mentos and fruit tingles when we were kids. It was great because we didn’t have to share and no one ate more than their fair share ;)

If you’ve got a kid friendly digital camera, you might like to pack that for them too. Then they can take photos from the car of what they see. You know your own kiddos, so you’ll know whether this is a good option for them. It can be a fun way for them to document their trip and not just the times where you’re in the car.

A sketchbook and coloured markers are great for kids who like to write and draw wherever they go. It can be good both in the car and on the lunch stops in tiny towns that might not have many kid-friendly things to do. It’s good to switch up from reading to drawing when they get a little bored or tired.

Mini Makeover: Make Your Own Road Trip Tin for the Kids After on Style for a Happy Home

I think this could be a great idea for long road trips with kids, and seems a lot more fun that 5 hours of listening to “she’s looking out my window” and “he’s breathing my air”. Some cars are a lot fancier these days and have DVD players and all sorts in them, but I think a fun tin that’s just for them can also be a sweet idea for keeping them entertained. It could also be fun to make one for a grown up friend or yourself with things like crochet or knitting supplies or something that you don’t always get time for.

Do you make up tins like this for your road trips? What would you add? How do you make them run as smoothly as possible?

If you do try this, I’d love to see a photo or hear about how it went! Tweet me your pics at: @danniellecresp or instagram me at: @dannielle with the hashtag: #styleforahappyhome

P.S. Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I hope you have a happy and safe long weekend and that you come out the other side with some fun memories and feeling just a little more relaxed. x